Shahidul Islam Mintu is a renowned media personality in Bangladesh and Canada and is known for his active work in the Bangladeshi-Canadian community in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He strives to push the Bengali community forward and create strong connections within mainstream and local communities. Shahidul is best recognized as the CEO of NRB TV and the Editor and Publisher of The Weekly Bangla Mail.

Shahidul Islam Mintu, or as most call him, “Mintu” grew up in Rajbari, Bangladesh. Mintu lived with a large family; two sisters, a brother, his two parents, his cousins, his aunt, and his uncle. Mintu was very invested in his studies and had a strong interest in writing. Hoping to work in the media industry when he is older, he read many books and newspapers to gather information and expand his knowledge on certain topics, such as politics and world history. Growing up in a business-focused family, Mintu was always encouraged to strive and work hard. Besides reading, he enjoyed participating in debates, writing, acting and was a long-time captain of his school’s boy scouts. He was also actively involved with Red Cross. Working hard, he would always be the top student, if not, second, in his class. In his community, he did performances of drama and poetry, as well as contributing his poetry to the local newspaper.


Shahidul Mintu graduated from Rajbari Government Highschool, with a first-division SSC (Secondary School Certificate). He later graduated from Rajbari Government College, with a first-division HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) and was a Champion trophy winner in Cultural Week every year. Afterwards, he earned admission to the University of Dhaka, the highest education institute in Bangladesh, and was internationally known as a Western Oxford. He chose to enroll in the Department of Sociology, as he was passionate in building a stronger society. He completed a BSS ( Bachelor of Social Science) as well as an MSC (Master of Social Science). A couple years later, he moved to Canada. In Canada, he completed a Documentary Making course at the Canadian Screening Society. Afterwards, he completed a Professional Development and Training in Journalism course at the Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. Additionally, he completed a Social Service Work course at the Canadian Business College in Toronto, Canada. In 2020, he completed a Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course at Google in. Lastly, he completed the Leaders of Learning course at HarvardX.


Shahidul started his media career in Bangladesh when working for Daily Aajker Kagoj and Khoborer Kagoj as a reporter, and Bangla Bazaar as the Entertainment Page Editor, then the Local News Page Editor. At the time of working at Bangla Bazaar, Mintu also established ‘Nandonik Telefilm’, a media production house. He produced many dramas and documentary films, the most popular production being ‘Devdas’ the first beta-formatted film in Bangladesh. Adding on, he was also elected as President of the Bangladesh Cultural Reporters Association. Later, after he immigrated to Canada in 2004, he started an online newspaper by the name of “The Bengali Times” in 2008; which became the most popular Bengali online newspaper in Canada. Four years later, Shahidul started a (print) newspaper called “The Weekly Bangla Mail”; now the largest circulated Bengali newspaper in Canada. Four years later, he created NRB TV; Canada’s First 24-Hour Bengali TV Channel. As of right now, NRB TV is Shahidul’s most thriving project. On August 1st 2018, he launched a new creation: Bangla Radio, the first 24-hour Bangla radio channel in North America. Starting in 2015, Shahidul held (and will continue to hold) The Annual Bangladesh Festival, a festival that celebrates and honours Bengali culture. On average, the festival attracts an audience of 5000. He is also the founder and managing director (2012) of Click Art BD, an outsourcing company. He was the director of the Conservative Party of Canada in the Beaches-East York riding (2014-2017). Lastly, since 2017, Shahidul has been the director of the BBCC (Bangladesh Business Chamber of Commerce).

Awards and Recognitions

Prestigious, Shahidul Mintu has achieved many honourable awards throughout his career. In Bangladesh, he received the Bangladesh Cultural Reporter’s Award in 2003, the Bangladesh Film Journalist Award in 2004, the Television Reporters Award in 2004, and many more. Mintu has received the honourable Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada award twice ( 2012 and 2018), as well as the Heritage Media Award in 2016. Shahidul has received the Canada 150 Year Celebration Award from the Ministry of Immigration, and NRB TV has been declared to be the best community TV channel in Canada.

Shahidul Mintu is actively involved with various non-profit and charity organizations in Canada. He was the General Secretary of the Dhaka University Forum of Canada. Presently, he is the advisor of the Greater Faridpur Association of Canada and the director of Bangladeshi-Canadian Community Services (BCS).